Attn New Brunswick Birders

By Bob Ewing

The Campbellton Rotary Club has begun work on the following project:

The broad concept, at this time, is to create or rather enhance a natural space through the planting of trees, shrubs and wildflowers that are found or were found in the Acadian Forest.

This will encourage, for example, songbirds and butterflies native to the region, to visit and remain. The site will have an educational focus with plaques informing visitors what they are looking at and information about the Acadian Forest. Accessibility is an important element of this plan.

I am developing a plan, which needs to be reviewed and approved by both the Club and the Tide Head Council. Once that is complete then public meetings can be held to engage the public in the process.

The Park will be located in the Village of Tide Head, NB. Any suggestions you can offer that can assist us in the creation of the Park are most welcome. We are particularly interested in the migrant songbirds who are likely to visit this area during the summer months.

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Bob Ewing,


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